The Science Behind “Moving Meditations for Families With Autism”

An app with activities designed to support development of Bodymind balance. Valuable for all children, but especially those with autism spectrum disorder.

The nervous systems of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are underdeveloped. The causes are unknown, although new discoveries are made almost daily about genetic, epigenetic and environmental contributions. Recent research demonstrates that children with autism frequently show early signs of neuropathy of the C-tactile nerve fibers (which mediate response to gentle touch). This is thought to interfere with early mother-child bonding, and thus with the neuro-social developmental process, leading to neurological, social, and behavioral issues. We hypothesize that helping a child with autism to explore self-touch, movement awareness, and positive imagery, can help improve the sense of self and other, balance the autonomic nervous system, and promote ongoing developmental improvement towards full independence and self-fulfillment.

Qigong Sensitivity Training (, pioneered by Dr. Louisa Silva, is a highly effective method of touch therapy for autistic children ages three to twelve, which has been validated in numerous research studies. However, as children approach puberty, children may become more interested in active forms of self-regulation. We’ve created a video-based app which teaches Bodymind methods for active self-care, and which also uses imagery which may directly induce greater coherence in the child’s nervous system. We plan to test the efficacy of the app in a series of randomized controlled clinical trials. Find more information on the science behind Bodymind methods here.

“The ASD videos have greatly reduced the severity of our son’s anxiety. We have found them especially helpful in the morning, when he’s having a hard time separating from us for school.”

“Our other children find these videos relaxing as well!”
“When our child was going through a particularly anxiety ridden period, watching these videos helped him be able to function again.”