What does Bodymind Science do?

Our work empowers people to improve well-being through education and training.  We teach practices that build awareness and inner strength and that can undo the effects of chronic stress and trauma.

Our techniques can be used anywhere, anytime, by virtually anyone wishing to live more fully, naturally, and in connection with others.

Learn with our apps, videos, classes, seminars, and books, which teach these skills in easily digestible segments. Links to our apps can be found in the Apps Tab above.

You don’t need special gear, extra time in your day, or a place to practice. All you need is a digital device, and the willingness to explore, play and learn.

Bodymind Science has helped many to

  • improve health and well-being
  • increase confidence and effectiveness
  • heal stress and trauma
  • increase presence and awareness
  • nurture healthier relationships with others

Our solutions are safe and gentle, and can be used in the context of traditional healthcare treatments.

We’ve tested our work with people in some of life’s most demanding realms: leaders of faith communities, children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their families, airline flight attendants, and many, many others.

We can create custom products tailored to your organization’s needs, culture and interests. 

Bodymind Science is the creation of two former Dartmouth College researchers.  Dr. Mardi Crane-Godreau is a graduate of Dartmouth and a former Assistant Professor at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine. Peter Payne is a Somatic Educator and Therapist, a Qigong master teacher, and a lifelong student of martial arts and bodymind disciplines. Our work is based upon our own cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research in neuroscience, and is grounded in Asian and Western bodymind methods. Drawing on this wealth of knowledge and tradition, our media present simple, clear instruction, as well as using sound, video effects, and visuals, to speak to the deeper levels of the mind, encouraging gentle, profound, and lasting change.