Here’s an app that provides simple qigong practices to help build resilience while shedding stress.


Resilient Family: Happy Child

meditative movement practices for kids, families, teachers

and individuals of any age.



Explore more than 3 dozen training videos.


Watch the Videos to Learn about Basic Practices


  • The Shakeout
  • Preparatory Set & Natural State
  • Standing
  • Basic Movements
  • Centering
  • Breathing
  • Dropping the Weight
  • Walking 


Bring the Practices into Your Daily Life Make it a Habit!


  • Watch by yourself or make it a family event.
  • Follow along.
  • Take time to be aware.
  • Notice what you feel.
  • Find ways to make activities playful.
  • Be patient and kind to yourself. 
  • Stay with it!
  • It takes time to build resilience.



For kids, there are 18 Low Stim (lower noise and lower visual stimulus)  and 18 High Stim (higher levels of sound and visual stimulus).  Easy to follow for kids… but  equally meaningful and enjoyable for adults.

Choose from self-guided, moving meditations like

De-Stress    •    Strength    •    Peaceful

Clarity    •    Loved    •    Cool Down


Research has demonstrated that movement is vital to development and  training of the nervous system. This is true of all mammals. When children or adults are exposed to chronic stress or trauma, movement practices with body awareness, can play a constructive role in shedding stress and building resilience. Movement with body awareness may be helpful for children and adults with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders.

As children mature, they may become more interested in active forms of self-regulation. Resilient Family:Happy Child teaches Bodymind methods for active, empowered self-care, using imagery which may directly induce greater coherence in a child’s nervous system. Specific videos may be a key part of an overall strategy to address anxiety in the short term, and cultivate self-regulation in the long term.

Simple but powerful!                                              By Father, Dr., and Patient

“Whether a person is on the autism spectrum or not, this is an extremely powerful tool to help your body recover after responding to stress, and yet, it is delivered in such a simple, and inexpensive fashion. This has the potential to transform healthcare!” A comment made at the App Store about Moving Meditations for Families with Autism by a user. All of the original videos, found in the Moving Meditations app, plus many more, are found in Resilient Family: Happy Child.  

Dr. Mardi Crane-Godreau

Peter Payne