Bodymind Science Initiatives

Senior Faith Leadership Program

The Senior Faith Leadership Program convenes mid- to senior level religious decision makers for in-person, inter-disciplinary training in leadership skills. Bodymind Science has participated in several trainings for faith leaders of every denomination in the United...

Flight Attendant Health Studies

Flight Attendant Health Studies

In partnership with Harvard University School of Public Health and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, we provide retired, current and future flight attendants a gateway to understand occupationally related health conditions. Our studies gather vital flight attendant...

Partner With Us

We are eager to collaborate with partners in science, industry, and the nonprofit world who share our interest in leveraging meditative movement as a strategy for solving health challenges. We can work with you to design and create trainings and products that address the needs of your customers, employees, constituents and communities. 

  • Affinity groups such as first responders, law enforcement, military, teachers, activists, faith leaders, special interest groups
  • For-profit and non-profit organizations 
  • Health care organizations, hospitals, insurance providers 
  • Mental health and community health providers