Senior Faith Leadership Program

The Senior Faith Leadership Program convenes mid- to senior level religious decision makers for inperson, inter-disciplinary training in leadership skills. Bodymind Science has participated in several trainings for faith leaders of every denomination in the United Kingdom, introducing them to the techniques of meditative movement for their own self-care 

Flight Attendant Health Studies

In partnership with Harvard University School of Public Health and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, we provide retired, current and future flight attendants a gateway to understand occupationally related health conditions. Our studies gather vital flight attendant health information and study practices that may improve their health and well-being. Learn more here. To participate, contact Dr. Mardi Crane-Godreau at

“Peter assists us in befriending our bodies – accepting, releasing, and allowing subtle energies that build upon our well-being. I especially appreciate his emphasis on neurological structures, and how perception itself, impacts health. Encouraging release of tensions, and showing how this can be accomplished has helped in trusting all of whom I am.”

“I am a nurse and interested in promoting health and well being. The medical model, while helpful with acute conditions, undermines the body’s intelligence. This type of programming, supporting health, is exactly what’s needed.”